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  • 22 Apr 2015

Exciting new features
Built with our customers in mind

With customers at the heart of what we do at Current RMS, we ensure we continue to roll out new features that will greatly benefit rental businesses globaly.

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Building brilliant new features

S ince our Xero Integration in January, we've been hard at work, prioritising the most popular feature requests on our ideas board, voted for by our customers. See below for just a few of the exciting new features we've built into our April release, rolled out to all Current RMS users.

Online Quote Approval

A popular request on our ideas board, with a total of 52 individual votes, Current now has the ability to send quotes out online, helping speed up the quotation process by giving all Current users customers’ the ability to instantly view these online, selecting the option of their choice.

Accept Online quote
Decline Quote
Comment Online about the Quote

This new feature works by sharing a unique link with your customers, providing them with the option to quickly view this quote online and accept, decline, download and comment back on the quotation.

Key features of the Online Quote Approval

  • Capturing key details – Create custom fields for your customers to fill in upon accepting the Quote, helping create a smooth setup and event, i.e who’s the main contact?
  • Tracking your quotes – See the date the quote was produced, number of times the approval link has been used and when it was last seen. Giving you insight into how keen your customers are, determining when’s a good time to follow up on this.
  • Keeping everyone in the loop – Whether the quote is approved, declined or comments are added, all actions are emailed to all those involved in the job, making sure all of your staff are kept up to date at all times.

As well as the Online Quote Approval, the following new features were rolled out to our customer base in the April Release last week:

Project Planner

Project Job Planner

If you are putting a large job together, whether that be for a festival, ceremony or wedding, use our new handy Project Job Planner, showing you the timeline just for that one large job, giving you a clear view as to what time everything is due to take place.

Component Accessories

Easily customise Current documents that one step further with the new ' Component' option. If there's product accessories on a job that don't hold a charge, i.e power cables, Current now provides a default for standard document layouts to hide these. That way, good looking, clear and tidy documents are always sent out, only showing the relevant information required.

Component Accessories

New Datasheet document layout

Product Data Sheets

Utilise the new, attractive looking product data sheets, found within the product information page of Current RMS. Useful when staff or customers are requesting for additional product information, affirming the right products are booked onto the right jobs. Like all our document layouts these are fully customisable and can be adjusted to suit your individual business requirements, style or branding

Opportunity Price Lock

Another popular request on the ideas board, Current now allows customers to be able to lock pricing on an opportunity created, ensuring that any additional rental or sale products added to the job, after the quote has been approved, doesn't alter the overall price at all.

Lock Pricing

What’s coming next

Next two major feature updates will be a Costing and Crewing Module, however we also have a wide range of other exciting features in the pipeline so stay tuned.

If you are a Current user, keep your ideas coming and vote for what you’d like to see built into Current RMS. If you haven’t signed up to Current yet but would like a free online demo then simply click on the button below and fill in our demo form.

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