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  • 05 Oct 2018

Thanks for another year of

We love seeing what jobs you’re working on and all of the exciting locations your industry can take you.

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Thanks for another year of #CurrentOnTheRoad!

T hat’s why we launched the #CurrentOnTheRoad competition just over a year ago, to revel in some of the truly awesome places Current RMS gets used. We’ve got users logging into Current RMS to manage their rental business in over 2,000 cities across the globe - that’s a lot of exciting locations!

Since we launched the competition, users from all over have been sharing their snaps of their system out and about, through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The beauty of working from the cloud means Current’s always at hand, wherever you are.

Some of the highlights have included snaps at impressively huge conferences, logging into Current whilst grabbing a coffee or a pint (perks of the job), and Current being used in some behind the scenes management of some awesome productions. We’ve also spotted Current literally on the road, sent in by the team at Cameron Presentations, with them using their system while travelling on the motorway (as passengers!) to a job. Tarpo Industries shared a pic of them using Current to close a deal in the middle of an African safari, and of course, a personal favourite, the team from STLS Events were captured logging into Current RMS while ordering a McDonalds. Nice!

And the winner is...

The team from VSL Productions Ltd!

VLS Productions Ltd is the winner of Current On The Road 2018!

This image, shared with us on Facebook from the heart of Times Square, New York, absolutely blew us away! We just had to crown the team as our winners of this year’s Current on the Road competition.

A massive thank you!

Seeing pics of Current on the Road absolutely makes our day - it’s amazing to think of our software being used in such epic locations! Thank you to everyone for taking part in the competition so far.

Of course, make sure you keep sharing your snaps of Current out and about - we’ll keep an eye on social media and you might find yourself winning next year…

This year’s #CurrentOnTheRoad entries

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