• customer spotlight
  • 24 Apr 2019

Customer Spotlight

As a key growth market for Current RMS and with the recent introduction of South African Rand into our pricing structure, we’ve been exploring how South African rental companies are utilising Current and how it’s benefiting their business operations.

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Current RMS goes global - EHIRE

W e recently caught up with Grant Greeff, CEO at EHIRE, an Events Hire Business with two offices in Cape Town and Stellenbosch, to see how things have changed for them since going live with Current 2 years ago. The company began in late 2017 after purchasing an existing hiring business and transforming this into EHIRE, promising to offer their clients 3 things; a friendly & helpful team, 100% quality products, and a reliable delivery and collection service.

After first hearing about Current RMS via the Xero website - a cloud accounting application that Current integrates with, EHIRE knew they were looking for something modern and user friendly to replace the outdated rental software they used previously, and Current fit the mould.

We started out with a 30 day free trial that we signed up for on the Current RMS website and we recognised the benefits straight away; from how Current structure the hiring process, to the easy-to-use interface.
Grant Greeff, CEO @ EHIRE.

Being cloud-based and mobile responsive, we understand what’s important for businesses who are always on the go in a fast-paced events environment. Having a system that can be accessed from any device and location is paramount as you might be in a different location from one day to the next.

The South African events market is host to world class events, but is segmented with a lot of businesses using manual or paper-based systems. Current gives them the option to do more by streamlining communication for all events, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

A feature that the team at EHIRE have found particularly useful with their rental operations, is the easy-to-view progress of each order with helpful coloured labels. Their entire team can see the status of an order at any time, highlighting when kit has been allocated, prepped, booked out and checked-in on each job. It allows them to quickly identify bottlenecks at a glance and resolve them - great for giving their clients a smooth and convenient customer service experience.

EHIRE using Current RMS for their picking lists
EHIRE using Current RMS in their warehouse

The flexible tag cloud in Current RMS is another feature that’s been extremely beneficial to EHIRE, giving them the ability to organise large amounts of data into bite-size pieces for analysis and relevant action. Tagging is used throughout Current; from products and services, to opportunities and invoices, helping businesses drill down into their data quickly and efficiently.

Having grown rapidly in the past 12 months, going from 18 to 39 employees and serving over 3,000 customers in one year, EHIRE have eliminated manual finance & invoicing through Current’s integration with cloud accounting app, Xero. Plus, they have their own mobile application for their logistics that links through to their orders, keeping them updated in real-time with key data, created through the use of Current’s open API.

At Current RMS we understand that beautiful looking documents are vital for any business, especially those in the events industry where first impressions are everything. The ability to tailor documents in Current RMS is extremely useful at EHIRE with both client-facing and internal paperwork, ensuring it’s always branded and includes the correct information. We ensure all documents within Current RMS are easily customisable through HTML & CSS, and offer a document modification service.

EHIRE sales team using Current RMS

Dedicated to always providing a reliable and trusted service to hire businesses in South Africa, EHIRE strive to make the hiring process more convenient and reliable for people looking to host or organise events - no matter how big or small. The next 5 years looks to bring further growth to EHIRE with an expansion in Johannesburg on the cards in the near future, which we have no doubt will be a huge success.

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