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  • 17 Jan 2017

A 5 step guide to
Choosing the right rental software

Discovering your key business goals is paramount in choosing the right software for your rental business.

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H ow can we reduce quoting and prepping time? How do we manage last minute changes to jobs? How do I avoid double booking items? There are many questions that will be asked within a rental business when trying to manage your processes. Follow these 5 steps to discover your biggest needs within a rental management software.

Great Level of Support

Whether you’re switching rental management systems, or implementing one into your business for the very first time, there’ll always be a learning curve. That’s why it’s important to get a good feel for the level of support you will receive from the team behind the company, so the training hurdle is short lived and as pain free as possible. You’re a busy company and you don’t want to have to wait a day to speak to someone about the system. Check the company’s support hours and have a think about what type of support you want, be it telephone, messages or online training. Trialing the software will give you a great indication of what support is offered, how quick the turnaround time is and how knowledgeable the team are.

Used by All Areas of Your Business

Each department in your business will be using the rental management software you choose, so it needs to have the full employee buy-in, from your warehouse staff to your accounts department. Whether it’s the ability to quickly get your assets out, scanning items off jobs simultaneously, integrating with your chosen accounting solution or controlling who can see and access certain areas of the system, the software solution must be right for everyone. Does the software offer a trial giving access to multiple users? If so, make sure each department trials the software and are happy that it meets their own needs, as well as the company’s as a whole. Also, don’t pass up on the offer of a demo - and if you don’t get offered, ask!

Software That Supports Your Growth

Whether it’s new features, software updates or brand customization, you’ll want a system that will support your business growth. Are you able to add and reduce users as you go along? You may go through a quiet period where you want to reduce users within your system, or busy periods where you employ freelancers or grow your internal team and need to add users. Having the flexibility to adjust your user count may be vital to your business growth.

Are you able to give feedback on features in the system or potential changes that would suit your business needs? Having a channel to pitch ideas or make requests shows that the company behind the product are keen to listen and grow with your business and the industry.

Focus on Your Customers

Your customers will come to you with their own requirements. What do they expect and what sort of experience do you want to offer them? When a client rings to see whether your gear is available for a specific date, you want to be able to check the availability status straightaway, so you can give them an instant answer and secure the job.

If you’ve secured a job and the customer is making lots of changes to the gear involved, being able to quickly modify quotes or orders with the amendments they have requested, wherever you are, will ensure the process is smoother and more streamlined for your client. Your customer facing documents represent your business, so ensure anything you send out is a positive reflection of you.


The final, and arguably the most important deciding factor, is whether you can trust the software you’re choosing to manage your entire rental business with. Although this might seem like an obvious point, it’s vital that you have trust in the system before committing to it and it’s important to know the people behind the company who will be handling all of the support and training you and your team require. Consider these points before making your decision:

  • Is the company known for being incredibly reliable?
  • Are they open and transparent with exciting things they’re working on?
  • Do they have a great reputation within your industry?
  • Can you put faces to names? Have the team said hello to you at show or on social media?
  • Are they consistent with their level of service, training and communication? All key in helping establish credibility.

At Current RMS, we know that choosing the right rental management software can be an overwhelming task, but hopefully keeping the above points in mind will help making the decision that bit easier. Let us show you around the system, so you can see how Current will meet your rental needs. Call +44 115 979 3399 or take a look at our features page to find out more. Alternatively, sign up to our free 30 day trial, no card details are required and there are no contracts or commitments.

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