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  • 11 Sep 2019

How we’re developing
our development process

Gathering insightful feedback from our customers has always fueled the development of Current RMS, so we’re enhancing our development process to include our customers earlier on.

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How Current RMS are developing the development process

C ustomers have always been at the heart of our product vision. We launched Current RMS in 2014, but our story starts almost five years before that when we started research and development.

During this time, we chatted to business owners, warehouse managers, techs, and anyone who was willing to talk rental with us. We watched people work and saw the barriers they faced with their existing software. Current was born out of these conversations. We wanted to create rental software that was full of power, but didn’t compromise on usability.

Today, our customer community has grown to over 2,000 businesses across the world. And our team is growing too – desks are becoming scarce in our UK office and we’re sure that we’ll have packed out our new US office soon as well. As we scale, we want to continue to create software that people love to use, empowering rental businesses to succeed.

Introducing our new wishlist

Our wishlist has always been the main way that we’ve collected customer feedback. It’s a great way for customers to suggest ideas and lets us see which ideas are the most popular. However, the platform that we’re using right now has remained unchanged since we launched and it’s starting to creak. With hundreds of ideas, it’s difficult to manage and we often hear that it’s uninviting for new users. Duplicates sometimes slip through the net and comments are sometimes missed, hindering collaboration. What’s more, there are lots of great ideas hanging around with only one or two votes: these gems can get lost in all the noise.

Hello productboard

Productboard is a customer feedback management tool that we use to manage all our customer feedback. Our new productboard portal is live today and provides a focused way for you to suggest ideas directly to our product team.

Current RMS productboard
  • No more voting restrictions 🗳️
    Let us know how important an idea is with no limits. Give us your thoughts at any time – no need to shift votes around.
  • A simple, focused roadmap view 🛣️
    No more trawling through hundreds of pages of ideas. We publish ideas that are popular and you can suggest ideas at any point.
  • No more duplicates 📑
    Ideas that you suggest go straight to our product team who will add your thoughts to product areas on our side. The development team can review all ideas from one central screen.
  • Better collaboration 🤝
    On our published ideas, we can really get into the detail of a feature and collaborate on the specifics. It’s easy for us to reach out or post surveys to collect more information.

The complete picture

Behind the scenes, productboard connects with the tools that we use so that we can marry up feedback across all the ways we talk to customers. Connected with us at a tradeshow or an online demo? Your feedback is in productboard. Chatted to us on the messenger, email, or telephone? That’s in productboard, too. We have a complete picture of what’s important to you, helping us deliver updates that you’ll love.

We know what you’re wondering… what’s happened to the ideas that are already on the wishlist? All is not lost! We’ve moved everything across to productboard and categorized it all. The most popular ideas on our wishlist are center stage on our new portal.

Communicating our roadmap

We know that we’ve not always communicated effectively what we’re working on and it’s something that we’re working to get better at. Productboard is part of this initiative. It’s a very visual way for us to let you know what’s next on our roadmap.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to get technical – let’s face it, that’s all of us here 🤓 – then you’ll love our What’s New popup in Current. Every time we push an update to the servers, big or small, we post it on our What’s New so you’re always up-to-date.

Current RMS what's new popup screen in the main application

Prefer something higher level? Our Monthly Roundup email is a great overview of what we’ve been up to in the previous month. With handy summaries and teasers of what’s next, it’s essential reading for anyone who uses Current.

Working together

Teamwork makes the dream work! As we grow, we want to get you involved earlier in the development process.

Productboard lets us capture super detailed feedback on ideas that are popular among our community. On our new wishlist, it’s not just what you want to see, but also how and why. We’ll be asking questions, posting surveys, and even sharing sneak peeks.

Beta programs are important to us, too. We launched our purchasing beta program earlier this year and we’ve had some fantastic feedback so far. Everyone’s a winner: you get to use new features sooner and we get your invaluable thoughts, helping us flesh out features as we go.

As before, as soon as we push a feature live we switch to listening mode and look to make tweaks based on your feedback. A great example of this is our recent temporary containers feature: we’ve got some exciting changes coming soon. Want to find out more? It’s all on our wishlist, of course!

To the wishlist!

We built, and continue to build, Current for you. Your feedback has made Current the product that it is today. Every time you reach out to let us know your thoughts, whether good or bad, it’s an opportunity for us to build a better Current together.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Head to our wishlist and let us know what you’d like to see next!

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