New Shortage Alerts

Have a clearer view of Product and Service shortages on your orders.

New Shortage Alerts

After feedback from Customers, we’ve been working hard to make shortages in Current RMS - be it services or products, much clearer.

Shortages in the Opportunities screen (list of jobs) are now highlighted with an exclamation mark.

New Shortage Alerts

Line items now appear in red when clicked into the opportunity detail view and opportunity order view.

New Shortage Alerts

Also, as seen above, a handy new tile on the Dashboard titled “Upcoming orders with shortages” has been implemented, so users can instantly see where the shortages are as soon as they log in. Filters named “Upcoming” and “with shortages” have been added to the filter selection & custom view screens, as well.

When adding or updating a service, you can decide whether you want to track the shortages for this service. It is automatically set to YES, however, if you toggle the Track Shortages option to NO, the system will no longer check availability for the service or highlight the shortages.

In addition to all of this, users can also choose to receive a daily summary email, showing activities scheduled for them, key dashboard information, including transport scheduled for that day, overdue returns and unread discussions. This is an optional email, for those that want those friendly reminders.

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