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  • 01 Nov 2018

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Availability & stock levels

A powerful availability engine is built into the very core of Current RMS, helping you intelligently keep track of your expensive rental kit.

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W ant to know how to make the most of it? There are a number of useful tips & tricks within your system that keep your system working seamlessly alongside your business.

Availability Period

Did you know you can change your system availability period in Current RMS?

Your system availability period determines when items come back into stock after being checked-in and finalized. By default it’s set to day, meaning an item returned today is available from tomorrow. However, you can set this availability period to hour, quarter day, or half day. So, for example, when it’s set to hour, items are available from the next full hour.

Buffer Percentage

Did you know you can set a buffer percentage for each of your products in Current?

This way, your system knows when to alert you when your stock is running low. Once you’ve reached the buffer percentage you set, the tile for that product turns orange in the availability screens. This is super handy for allowing you to tailor how you view your product availability and keep tabs on your stock in a way that works best for you.

Mark as Reserved

Did you know you can reserve items on a quote in Current RMS?

Rather than just showing as quoted for, this feature takes items out of availability and reserves them, useful for cases when you’re confident a quotation is going to proceed, but it hasn’t yet been converted to an order. Shortages will also be highlighted in red, as they would be on an order, so you can efficiently deal with them as normal.

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