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  • 01 May 2018

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Invoicing & costing

At some point in every rental job, there’s always the exciting part - getting paid!

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T here are a number of ways to manage payment in Current RMS, including adjusting what exactly you want to charge the customer using Chargeable Days, integrating your Current system with external accounts packages Xero or QuickBooks Online, and adding on any additional costs to your jobs automatically. Check these out in more detail below!

Accounting Integrations

Do you use an external accounting solution alongside your Current RMS system?

Current RMS integrates with both Xero and QuickBooks Online, popular cloud-based accounting packages. This means you can post your invoices across to either solution, reducing the need for keying in data all over again, and keeping both Current and your accounts solution up to date!

Automatic Costing

Need to log any additional costs to your jobs?

We introduced Automatic Costing to allow your Current RMS system to automatically add costs that you know will need to be taken into consideration when viewing the profitability of your jobs. Things like sub-rentals, purchases, freelance staff and transport are automatically added in the costs view.

Chargeable Days

Use chargeable days to override the days you wish to charge for an opportunity!

This comes in handy if the rental period runs for longer than you need to charge your customer for. For example, you can factor in days for building up and taking down equipment that you have supplied, but won’t be charging your client for this time. A chargeable days column is even added to the opportunity items list, so that you can set days to charge for each item.

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