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  • 01 Mar 2019

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Making your system your own

No two rental businesses are the same, which is why Current RMS has been built with flexibility at its very core.

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C heck out some of the ways you can be flexible when moving around your system and completing daily tasks, from creating custom activity types for your business practises, defining what transaction type you frequently use, and searching for your products while you’ve got them to hand in a more intuitive way. Read on to learn more...

Activity Types

Did you know that you can create new activity types that are specific to your business?

As well as activities such as giving someone a call, sending an email, collecting a deposit or setting up a site visit, you can create your own individual activity types. These custom activity types are easy to distinguish at-a-glance by assigning your own colours to them. You can also filter and report by activity type using custom views.

Default Picker Transaction Type

You might both rent and sell, but do you have a default transaction type?

You can view your rental items, sale items, and your services across one screen in the picker. However, you do have the option to set a default for your transaction type on your account by editing your user profile. Just change the ‘Default Picker Transaction Type’ to whichever option you would like to see by default. This is great if you have products that you both rent and sell, but you mainly do rentals.

Different Ways to Search for Products

Got some gear at hand and want to quickly jump to its product page in Current RMS?

Easy! You can scan the barcode in the ‘find by asset’ window and you’ll be taken through to that asset’s page. Use this window to find a serialized stock level using its serial number too, or a bulk/non-stock product using its barcode. You can even just start typing the number in - Current will give you suggestions as you type.

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