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  • 01 Jul 2018

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More on invoicing & costing

Current RMS is packed with a number of useful ways to manage the financial aspects of your jobs.

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C heck out some of our tips and tricks, which include customizing your opportunity and invoice numbers, recalculating the figures on your jobs when specifics change, and adding discount categories throughout your system.

Opportunity & Invoice Numbers

Did you know you can customize where your invoice and order numbering starts and how your numbers look in Current RMS?

You can give each number a prefix, number length, and choose the next number when you’re moving over from one system to another to keep everything in line. Note the opportunity number and invoice number must be different.

Customise opportunity and invoicing numbers


Did you know you can easily update the figures on a job with just one click?

Use the ‘Recalculate’ button to refresh replacement charges and weights, surcharges and taxes. You can also use the additional toggles to reset prices and reset costs on your job, too! These options come in extremely useful if you’ve changed the way you charge tax or if you’ve updated your product weights, for example.

Use the Recalculate button

Discount Categories

Discount categories are a really useful way of automatically adding discounts on opportunities.

They’re really configurable, and can be used for things like offering some customers discounted pricing, or adding a discount to certain product groups or service types. Create and apply discount rules across the system; you can also specify that some items are never discountable, too.

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