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  • 01 Sep 2017

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Sorting your data

Did you know there are lots of ways to sort your data in Current RMS?

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F rom marking your favourite products and organizations, creating insightful custom views throughout different areas of the system, or categorizing your data through filterable tags, it’s easy to bring the information you need to see to the forefront of your Current RMS system. Take a look at some of our tips and tricks on sorting your data.


If you often use the same products, contacts & activities again and again, this one’s for you.

Tap the ❤️ next to them to favorite them! You can favorite almost anything in the system - opportunities, invoices, products, activities & organizations. It comes in super handy when you want to quickly navigate the system and access all of your favorites at once.

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After a quick way to categorize and filter your data?

Use tags to add more information to areas of Current, including to your products, opportunities and contacts. Whether you want to tag your products with the manufacturer name, or distinguish between customers and vendors, tags are a powerful and flexible way to keep your data organized. They’re simple to add, and easy to filter to get to the data you want to see.

Custom Views

Did you know you can create custom views on your data within Current RMS?

They let you see and sort data throughout the system in ways to suit you. You can create a view to see which invoices haven’t been posted yet, view lost, dead or cancelled jobs this year, deliveries that are due this week or view customers within a particular state - the possibilities are endless.

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