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  • 01 Jan 2019

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System timesavers

As with any rental management system, knowing how to navigate around quickly means you can secure more jobs and get your kit out the door in a flash.

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C heck out some of our handy timesaving tips and tricks you might not have come across, including jumping to previous pages and grabbing all recent documents for a clear audit trail in no time at all.

Recent Actions

Do you have multiple people working on the same job?

See a history of everyone’s actions on this Opportunity in Current using ‘Recent Actions’. This feature gives a clear audit trail of each user’s actions within your system - one of the great things about using Current with multiple user accounts. To access ‘Recent Actions’, click on it under the right-hand side of an Opportunity.

Recent Actions in Current RMS

Clock Icon

Have you ever used the clock icon in Current before?

It’s available throughout Current RMS and will help you quickly get back to the last page/record/job you were working on. Whether you’re looking to go back to a job you were recently working on, or a contact or organization you were previously looking at, simply click the clock icon and head straight back to that section.

Recent Documents

See a record of all documents generated on an opportunity for a clear audit trail!

This feature is perfect for times when a client wishes to refer back to a previous iteration of a quotation and you need the old document for reference. To view Recent Documents, click “Recent Documents” under the Print heading on an opportunity or project.

Recent Documents in Current RMS

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