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  • 01 Mar 2018

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Warehouse hacks

Keep your expensive kit organized by using some of the handy tips & tricks within Current RMS.

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T hese shortcuts will help to speed up your warehouse processes, so you can get your rental kit out of the door and with the customer stat, plus checked in speedily ready for another job.

Locking Groups

Did you know it’s possible to lock groups in the detail view?

This comes in useful when lots of you are scanning kit in and out of the warehouse and you want to ensure you’re all working on seperate areas. Just click the padlock icon 🔒 on the group you want to lock yourself into and you’ll only be scanning items on this list.

Global Check-in

After a busy week, you may find yourself in a warehouse full of gear from different jobs, that all needs checking back in.

Use Global Check-in to do this all from one screen - Current recognises which job your items have come from and checks them back in. Global Check-in also supports barcoding, so if your assets have barcode labels, scanning them is even easier.

Simultaneous Scan

Toggle the “see other users scan operations” button in the opportunity detail view to see other user’s scans on the same job.

This makes it easier to collaborate with your colleagues in the cloud with by viewing what other people are scanning onto jobs at the same time. Other user’s scans are highlighted in a different colour so you can clearly differentiate between the different assets appearing on the job. This feature is perfect for big jobs where a large quantity of assets are being added, or for larger teams where multiple people are working on the same jobs simultaneously.

Simultaneous Scan in Current RMS


Curious about barcoding your assets?

Current RMS fully supports barcode scanning. With serialized stock, the asset number forms the barcode number. If you want to allocate a particular asset, just scan it in the detail view. For bulk and non-stock, set a barcode number against the product that will apply to all the stock levels for the product. For example, you need 3 cables on a job - stick the barcode label to the bin of cables, and scan the label 3 times as you take out 3. Simple!

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