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  • 30 Nov 2018

Managing Your Warehouse
from the Cloud

With kit coming and going, warehouse confusion can be the last thing you need on those busy days. One way to avoid it? Move your warehouse processes to the cloud.

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Managing your warehouse from the cloud

W e run through why using a cloud-based rental management software that you can access on any device can bring you and your warehouse team some major benefits, including streamlining your operations and keeping disorganization at bay…

Phone icon It’s Accessible

Being cloud-based means all of your data is stored safely in the same way other online applications are, like your email accounts or online banking. You can log in to your Current RMS system on whatever device you’ve got to hand, from anything that connects to the internet. Just grab a device you or your team can use while moving around the warehouse, such as a tablet, your phone, or an easily accessible computer. You can see and edit the data you’ve got in your system right when you need it, like asset numbers, package details or picking lists, even if you’re up a ladder or on a different site. Everything you need is on one screen, rather than on countless bits of paper dotted around, reducing the need for you and your team to stop and start. Plus, everyone can work on different devices all at once!

Lock icon It’s Reliable

When you’re working in the cloud, changes you make are saved as you go. Secure data backups mean all activity you do when logged into Current RMS is protected by both server authentication and data encryption. This means you don’t have to worry about any online activity getting lost in the cracks or compromised. Many cloud-based rental management systems are barcode compatible, including Current RMS, greatly reducing the chance of human error when inputting data. So, if you use barcodes to identify individual assets, you can scan these straight into the system, removing the need to manually enter this information altogether. It’s easy to scan through the booking out, preparing and checking in processes using a USB, bluetooth or wireless scanner. We’ve got a whole blog post on the topic!

Cloud icon It’s Immediate

One of the most convenient things about working from the cloud is knowing the data you’re depending on is updated in real-time. Instead of working from numerous spreadsheets or picking lists, your team will be looking at the same information, updated as they make changes. Your data feed is immediate, which means that when you’re faced with quick decisions in the warehouse, they can be immediate, too. Use this data held within Current RMS to your advantage - Current will alert you to any shortages in your Opportunities as they arise, allowing you to fix them before they become a problem. When you can trust that your inventory levels are accurate to the second, you can react accordingly. That also means that any last minute client requests or adjustments that feed into Current can be made instantaneously too.

Video Camera icon Want to see Current in action?

Our friends at Premier Events in the UK captured this awesome time lapse video of Current at work in one of their warehouses. Each item is scanned in and out of the warehouse, making sure their clients get the equipment they should and the team know where each item of kit has been since purchase. Look at them go!

Warehouse icon Implementing Current RMS in your warehouse

Already use Current RMS in other areas of your business? Here are some practical tips for moving your warehouse processes to the cloud.

  • Use any device. Get the team using their smartphones or tablets to access Current RMS while they’re working in the warehouse.
  • Control user access. Adjust your user’s access to the system, so you can control who sees which parts of Current - ideal for ensuring your warehouse team are only seeing what’s relevant to them.
  • Access documents online. Save time and paper by accessing the kit you need to process online, through your Current RMS system - instead of printing documents out!
  • Lock groups in the detail view. When multiple people are scanning, users can lock themselves into groups of items on an Opportunity to only scan from one set list. This means people won’t be scanning the same items!
  • Global Check-in. Use Global Check-in to scan or enter items from different jobs back into stock all from one screen - perfect for those busy Monday mornings with multiple jobs coming back at once.

We designed Current to be used on the go, on any device you’ve got to hand, wherever you are. The cloud can help you keep an overhead view of everything that’s going on in your warehouse, letting you bring in more profit for your business and stay on top of your expensive kit.

Take Current for a spin

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