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  • 20 Jul 2020

PATorganiser develop integration
with Current RMS

Portable Appliance Testing specialists, PATorganiser, have created an integration with Current RMS helping to speed up and streamline the process of testing equipment.

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O perating alongside the Current RMS Testing & Inspection module, PATorganiser’s integration syncs data collected by testing devices into Current RMS, ensuring all testing data is recorded and assets are fully compliant, while also reducing the need for manual data entry.

What does the integration involve?

Once set up, the integration pulls through data that you’ve collected on your testing device and feeds it through to the Testing & Inspection module in Current.

  • Seamlessly sync asset data from Current RMS to PATorganiser.
  • Connect to common testing devices and sync test results to Current RMS automatically. This ensures your assets are inspected and fully compliant through automation.
  • Detailed testing data is automatically downloaded from the majority of testing devices, integrating reports, scheduling, emailing and invoicing.

How to get started

PATorganiser are offering 3 months free to all Current RMS customers for a limited time only with the coupon code 3MFREE. To claim this introductory offer, sign up for their free trial using the button below.

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