Third Party Integrations & Partnerships

Third party platforms have plugged into the power of Current RMS to create integrations with a bunch of other services. These integrations can automate, enhance, and extend your workflow even further. While we love our third party integrations, keep in mind that support and maintenance lies with the third party vendor.

TeamTrack Integration

Built purely for the audio-visual and event industries, TeamTrack is a cloud-based team and technical event management system. Its core functionality includes team scheduling and logistics, freelancers and availability, production documents and call sheets, holiday and leave requests, skills and qualifications, expenses, mileage and much more!

PATorganiser Integration

PATorganiser is a cloud-based PAT testing software that simplifies and streamlines the entire process of Portable Appliance Testing. Working alongside the Current RMS Testing & Inspection module, PATorganiser connects with your favorite testing devices pulling the data you collect through to your Current RMS system with ease.

Arrivy Integration

Arrivy connects your office staff, delivery staff, and customers using real-time communication on their very own tracking platform. Keep customers up to date on their delivery or pickup with automated SMS, emails, live maps, and instant chat with drivers. Plus get real-time location and status information of your staff and jobs on the dashboard.

HubSpot Data Sync Integration

HubSpot Data Sync is a new way to integrate and connect your cloud apps, keeping all your contacts and organizations bidirectionally synced. With over 210 supported apps currently available, including Zoho, Salesforce and Stripe, HubSpot Data Sync intelligently syncs your data in Current with many other cloud apps, creating the connection without the complexity.

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