Current RMS & GDPR

Taking steps to safeguard your personal data.

What is GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new set of data legislation, which came into effect on the 25th May 2018.

The new laws are designed to make data handling laws across the European Union more up-to-date. With the modern day becoming more and more connected thanks to social media, mobile devices and cloud services, the new regulations give individuals better control over their personal data, with greater repercussions for companies that misuse or fail to store sensitive information safely.

What does GDPR mean for your business practices?

GDPR is a great opportunity for businesses inside and outside of Europe to look at how they’re storing and using sensitive data and make sure they’re protecting it appropriately.

Even if you and your business are located outside the EU, if you hold any data about any organizations or contacts in the EU, you need to be compliant.

What it takes to comply with GDPR will vary from business to business and will be dependant on your day-to-day practices. It’s important to make sure sensitive data has the correct safeguards and that you’re handling it correctly. While we can't provide specific advice on compliance for your business, we'd recommend starting by visiting the European Union's dedicated website for GDPR:

Is Current RMS GDPR compliant?

Both the Current RMS software/service and Current-RMS Ltd are GDPR compliant. We have an updated Privacy Policy in place that details our response to the forthcoming legislation.

Being a cloud-based product, privacy is already a huge priority for us and something we take extremely seriously. Like lots of SaaS providers, we use external data hosting provider, Amazon Web Services, to host our servers. While they are based in the US, they are fully compliant with GDPR through the use of Model Clauses. You can read more about AWS GDPR compliance here.

What has Current done to prepare for GDPR?

Our team have worked hard to ensure we’re GDPR compliant in May. Here’s a look at some of the steps we’ve taken:

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to make our GDPR compliance clear. We put a revised Policy in place in time for May 25th and notified all of our customers of this change as soon as it was updated.

We’ve reviewed our internal processes on how we store our own customers’ data. Security remains a top priority of ours and we’ll be making sure that any future processes we introduce are fully compliant.

We’ve ensured services we use are GDPR compliant. This includes systems we rely on, from our software integrations, internal team communication tools, right through to our data hosting providers.

Are there any data management tools within Current?

To make it easy for all of our customers to comply with GDPR legislation, there are a number of tools within Current RMS that can help manage your own clients’ data. Just a few include:

  • Data Export Functionality - export targeted data from different areas in Current, useful if an individual wishes to view or edit their personal data, or if you want to view user activity in the system.
  • Store a Legal Basis for Processing Data - use this new field in People & Organizations to store your legal basis for handling customer data.
  • Managing User Settings - within Current, restrict additional users from viewing certain parts of the system, including hiding sensitive data from users that don’t need to see it.

Learn more about GDPR

There are lots of online resources to ensure you’re GDPR compliant, including some great articles from some of our trusted integrations.
For starters, try these: