Current RMS Fair Usage Policy

With Current RMS you get more than access to your system for your subscription fee. Alongside seamless updates and secure data backups; included in your monthly or annual plan is access to our superb Customer Success team who provide all our online and telephone support, as well as demonstrations and training sessions — at no further cost!

We advertise these services as ‘unlimited’; as you can contact us at any time, and schedule a demonstration or training session whenever you wish, at no additional charge to what you pay us each month or each year.

However, to make sure that all of our 2000+ customers (and our thousands of trial users) across the globe have the ability to access this support when they need it, we encourage customers to use this service fairly by means of a ‘fair usage’ policy.

This shouldn’t impede day to day use of our services, where used as intended, and is instead in place to discourage a small number of actions that may impair our ability to serve our other customers.

This includes:-

  • Using our online booking system to block out multiple periods of time for demos and training sessions in short succession.

    In these circumstances, the team may reach out to you to understand your requirements and see if we can support you in a more efficient way. It’s likely that we can help in a single session or find other ways to work together, such as providing recordings or written summaries of our sessions.

    To maintain good availability of training sessions for all of our customer community, we may politely request that you cancel subsequent sessions until the initial session has taken place.

    We also reserve the right to cancel block-booked sessions ourselves where we deem usage to be excessive or unfair to others.

  • Using our phone support for extended or excessive periods as an alternative to training sessions

    Sometimes it’s quicker to chat over the phone, especially when something’s difficult to explain in words, so we offer telephone support to complement our in-app chat and email support.

    Our telephone support service is great for solving quick problems that are a priority, but they’re not a substitute for our online training sessions. We get a lot of calls each day and long calls tie up our team, stopping us from serving other customers.

    Where it becomes apparent that there may be training needs to improve your knowledge of the system, we may suggest you book in a training session, forward knowledge documentation or other written support to help you solve the issue.

    We reserve the right to terminate calls where customers are insistent on being given training over the phone, or otherwise won’t cooperate with our efforts to resolve their issue.

  • Requesting repeated amendments to document layouts outside the original scope of development

    Our customizable documents have become increasingly popular over the years and we now have over 75% of our customers that are using non-standard documents in their system! They’re written in HTML & CSS, which are open, non-proprietary markup languages that are widely documented and easy to learn if you’re comfortable customizing them yourself; or easily understood by web designers if you don’t.

    We also offer a service to do the work for you. This is a very popular service, which we this service is chargeable. For more information on the service please click here - document modification service.

    The timeframe for document changes may be subject to change but in busier times we have been known to have turnaround times up to and over 6 weeks.

    To make sure each of us agrees and understands the work we’re doing, we will ask a few questions, about your requirements and how many documents you need customizing, to create a Scope of Work — our brief that we will aim to deliver. This will need to be submitted in writing to ensure we have something to refer back to when we begin your changes.

    Where we have made errors that mean the brief was not met, we will rectify them within an expedited time frame. However, to keep the queue moving and allow others to receive their documents, amendments that were outside of the scope of the original request will be placed back in the queue, with a new scope agreed.

    When amendments are requested we will require a list of changes you wish to make and the documents you wish to have amended. Where these are not provided our team will close the request.

    If repeated requests for amendments are made that we feel start to take the document outside the original scope, we reserve the right to refuse further amendments without a new scope agreed.

    If we do not recieve a reply to any communication within a month the request will be considered closed and a new request will need to be submitted.

    It is also noted that our team are not a design service and therefor will not be able to make changes outside the brief or make decisions on your behalf.

This policy allows us to keep our service available for everybody. If you have any questions or comments regarding this policy, please reach out to the Customer Success team at