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Let’s start setting up the basics of your system

Set up your system

It’s simple to get your Current RMS system set up, right from the get-go. Follow these steps to turn your shiny new system into the one solution for your rental business.

Let’s take a journey to get you ready to go live with Current RMS

Start adding your company details to Current RMS

Add key company information

Including your logo, company address, tax details, locations and more. For more on adding these in, check out our guides >

Did you know?

You can book in an online demo or a training session at any point - all support is part of the package!

Get the whole team on board and start assigning user accounts

Create user accounts and roles

Manage who has access to your system and what they can see and do - you can add and delete users as you please! Take a look at our guide to see how >

Ensure your paperwork reflects your correct way of charging

Set up your taxes and charges

Define how you charge for your rental products, and add surcharge and tax information if needed. Check out more on this >

Shape your system preferences to reflect your business

Fine tune the details

Control how you’d like information to show in your system, like your language preferences and currency. See what else you can tweak for your business >

You’re doing great!
Let's move to the 2nd stage...

Let’s continue the journey to the second stage

Add your data

With your settings organized just how you’d like them, it’s time to start building your system with some data to really bring it to life.

Need a hand?

Our guides are packed with useful information about every area of the system. Check them out!

Set up your Xero, Quickbooks Online & Sage Business Cloud Online integration

Manage your accounting integrations

Set up integrations with a number of external platforms, including Xero, Quickbooks Online & Sage Business Cloud. Already using them? No problem, you can import your data from either solution into Current. View our step by step guide >

Start adding your data into Current, including product, contact and service information

Create or import your data

Bulk import your products, contacts and more into the system, or enter them into our beautiful user interface. Check out our import templates >

We recommend...

Importing your product, contact & service data in bulk via CSV import. Check out how in our guides.

Use our beautiful, pre-made documents to send online to your customers

Choose your documents

Browse the documents available in the system, including rental agreements, proposals, invoices and more - it’s easy to add your company branding. Check out the layouts in more detail >

Did you know?

We offer a document modification service.

Book in a free online training session at any point during your trial

Train up

We’ll always point you in the right direction while you’re getting set up. Book in a free online demo or training session to run through your system with one of our team. Book me in >

Nice work!
Your system is really taking shape...

We’re almost there, let’s move to the final stage of setting up your system

Start using your system

It’s all starting to come together! Make sure your team are brushed up on the basics of the system, and don’t forget - you’ve always got unlimited support on hand.

Add products to proposals, start scanning your kit in and out and add some items to the quarantine

Create live jobs

Now the fun starts! Let’s start testing some live jobs in your system to really get a feel for how it all works. Check out some of our tips & tricks >

Did you know?

Current is constantly backed up, ensuring your data is always secure.

Our friendly team are here to support you throughout your trial, so start a conversation with us at any time

Chat with us

Whether you have a question, or just want to say hi, use the green help bubble in your system to start a conversation with one of our team. We’re here to help!

When transitioning from trial to the paid plan, we’ll keep all the data you’ve added into your system, meaning you can carry on exactly where you left off

Move to a paid plan

Before your trial ends, make sure your card details are in and we'll automatically move you to the paid plan, keeping all of the data you’ve been working on. You’re part of the family now!

Learning a new system doesn’t need to be a challenge. With unlimited support and our handy guides to show you the ropes, you’ll pick it up in no time at all.

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