Current RMS & PATorganiser

Streamlining the process of portable appliance testing

PATorganiserPATorganiser have created an integration with Current RMS helping speed up and streamline the process of portable appliance testing. Operating alongside our Testing & Inspection module, PATorganiser’s integration works with all manual testers, and accepts data uploads from a wide range of the most popular tester brands.

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Current RMS integrates with PATorganiser

How does the integration work?

  • PATorganiser integrates with the Current RMS Testing & Inspection module by matching Current-RMS assets using their asset number.
  • Test results in PATorganiser will automatically sync to Current RMS; whether they’re downloaded from a testing device, exported from a database or manually entered. This ensures your assets are inspected and fully compliant through automation.
  • Detailed testing data is automatically downloaded from the majority of testing devices, integrating reports, scheduling, emailing and invoicing.

How to connect Current RMS & PATorganiser

If you already have a PATorganiser account, sign in to get started. If not, sign up for a 30 day free trial to try it out for yourself. PATorganiser are offering 3 months free to all Current RMS customers for a limited time only with the coupon code - 3MFREE

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