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Frequently Asked Questions

Can multiple users login under one account?

Yes you can, Current doesn't restrict the amount of users logging in under the same credentials, members of staff can log in simultaneously, from all different devices.

Multiple users can log in under one account, unless your account is linked to Xero accounting software. Due to a new set of security standards released by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Xero have made some changes to the way that Current connects to their platform, which includes enforcing 2FA or SSO on your Current RSM account which will not allow for account sharing.

Do I need to provide card details when signing up for the trial?

No you don't, you can signup for your free 30 day trial without providing card details, all we need is a bit of contact information to allow us to set the system for your country and for you to login.

Can I change to the Annual Plan at any time?

Yes you can, simply click on System Setup > Billing Information and select the red button 'Switch to Annual Plan'. If you are still unsure, please don't hesitate to contact our Product Specialists.

Is there a service agreement or cost for support?

There is no service agreement or additional support cost for Current RMS, the price of the product includes full support and training.

What devices and operating systems can I access Current on?

Absolutely everything! As long as you’ve got an Internet connection you can access Current on any device and operating system, full responsive design so it looks great on anything from a desktop to a smartphone.

How easy is it to cancel my subscription?

Your subscription will automatically cancel at the end of your free 30 day trial if card details are not provided. If you would like to cancel your system prior to the end of the trial, you can easily do this via System Setup > Close my Account.

How can I be sure my data is secure?

Current RMS, like many cloud-based companies, makes data security a priority, utilizing advanced technology for internet security. When accessing Current, your data is protected using both server authentication and data encryption, ensuring it’s always secure and only available to registered users in your organization.

Can I increase and decrease my user amount depending on when we are busy?

You most certainly can. It's really easy, all you need to do is click on System Setup > Users and add or reduce your user account accordingly. Please note, if you are on the annual plan, any users you add will be charged for the year ahead.

Can I customize my documents?

Current provides a range of engaging document layouts for every stage of the rental cycle. You can easily update your logo and branding or completely customize these with basic HTML and CSS knowledge. If you’d like the team to work on these for you, get in touch today.

Do we pay for upgrades and how do we get new features?

All upgrades and new features are automatically added to all Current RMS user's systems, we never charge for new updates, this is all part of the package.

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