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  • 31 Jan 2019

4 Rental Industry Trends
To Look Out For in 2019

Here at Current, it’s great to support innovative rental businesses working on a whole range of exciting jobs.

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4 Industry Trends To Look Out For in 2019 | Current RMS

W e're all aware that the entertainment industry is fast paced, and nothing stays the same for too long, it goes without saying! We’ve shared some of the top 2019 industry trends we predict will be making headway over the next year.

1. Non-typical venues for events, festivals and parties

As the need to create more memorable and exciting events grows, event planners and organizers are definitely considering using more non-traditional venues to host their events.

Non-typical venues for events, festivals and parties

In Socialtables 2019 event statistics roundup, it was reported that 92.3% of planners and property professionals said they believe events are more likely to be booked outside of a hotel than they were five years ago.

This is great news if you’ve got the kit to truly make an usual venue shine. Get creative with what you choose to supply to your jobs! Whatever they are, from conferences, staff parties or photoshoots, there’s so much scope for creativity. Some of the most interesting event venues have included warehouses and loft spaces, farmhouses and galleries, all made possible with stunning equipment - so don’t be surprised if the next job you supply to is off the beaten track!

2. A greater focus on sustainability

No matter what industry you work in, sustainability is a key talking point and a priority for a huge number of businesses. It’s more important than ever to go green. At its core, sustainability is about making sure your events and jobs are as environmentally friendly as possible.

A greater focus on sustainability

This could include making changes like reducing the use of single use plastic where possible, investing in and supplying eco-friendly lighting to events, or maybe switching to electric vehicles to reduce excessive fuel consumption.

Whatever you choose to do, jumping on the sustainability trend and going green in the rental industry needn’t be difficult. Start off with small changes that won’t overwhelm you. We even covered some key steps you can take on our blog! Plus, if you’re after some more inspiration, Europe’s most sustainable festivals were recently revealed at the Greener Festival Awards, including huge industry names such as Boomtown Fair and Das Fest, Germany. Check them and see what they’re doing right!

3. The latest industry tech will be in hot demand

If, like us, you love keeping up to date with the latest technology, you’ll know that it’s a really exciting time to be in the equipment rental industry. So many innovative solutions are available whatever industry you specialize in, whether that’s events, broadcast and production, or pro-AV and lighting.

The latest industry tech will be in hot demand

Earlier this year, we got to see the brightest and best products on display PLASA London and InfoComm Las Vegas, where exhibitors included Bose Professional, Samsung, Chauvet Lighting and LG.

We predict we’ll be seeing a lot of businesses, big and small, clear out idle inventory to make room for some of the latest industry tech. After all, clients want to be wowed by what’s new, from immersive AR installations, incredible lighting displays or the latest camera gear to take their film shoots to the next level. Many inventory management solutions, including Current RMS, can also give you a breakdown of how much each of your items are getting used, so you can make an informed decision on what to keep and what to replace.

4. Dependence on reliable cloud technology

Cloud technology has become more and more synonymous with our everyday lives, whether that’s in the home, or in the workplace. In 2019, we expect we’ll be seeing more businesses convert to using cloud rental management software, and the benefits are definitely worth shouting about.

When using cloud-based software, storing your data in the cloud rather than servers located back in the office means you can access it wherever you are, even if you’re out on a job. You can manage your inventory from any device, even make changes to quotations on the fly, and manage your crew while you’re on the road.

Best of all, using cloud software gives you the confidence in knowing it’s all backed up using the very latest in data security. Current is hosted on Amazon Web Services, a multi-billion dollar infrastructure that hosts a huge number of cloud services you probably already use. We’re in good company!

There’s lots to look forward to in 2019. We can’t wait to see some of the incredible jobs our customers will be working on as the year progresses!

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