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  • 21 Aug 2018

Customer Spotlight
Light & Sound Solutions

With users in thousands of cities worldwide, here at Current we’re proud to be a global rental software solution, embraced by the AV, Lighting, Events and Broadcast industries we’ve been built for.

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Current RMS goes global - Light & Sound Solutions

W ith such a huge variety of rental companies using Current RMS to manage every step of the rental process, and in so many locations across the world, we wanted to check in with some of our customers in Australia and New Zealand. Our customer base here is seriously expanding, so we’ve shone a spotlight on some of our overseas customers to see how our cloud based rental management software caters for their unique business needs and priorities.

customer spotlight - Light & Sound Solutions

We sat down with Light & Sound Solutions from Victoria, Australia to see how working from the cloud has streamlined their rental operations…

On board with Current RMS for over two years, Light & Sound Solutions, based in Melbourne, started out around 16 years ago as a small family operation. Since, the ambitious company has grown to accommodate an even bigger family of staff, a huge variety of jobs and events, with clients located both in Australia and around the world. With that many hands on deck and people to keep in the loop, it’s only natural that communication becomes the number one priority.

For the team, the decision to come on board with Current RMS was reached thanks to the recommendations of local businesses and positive word of mouth reviews from peers.

We first heard about Current RMS a couple of years ago from a good friend, Brad Hurle at Diverse AV. He was raving about this new program he was using, and after checking out an online demo of the software, we were sold!
Mark, Hire and Production Manager at Light & Sound Solutions.

For Mark and the team, the flexibility and feature set of Current ticked all of their boxes. Cloud based, the whole team can log into and access their shared Current system from whatever device they’ve got to hand, and from any location, too. This makes it ideal for large teams that are frequently out on jobs that can’t always get back to the office computer.

Our team is hardly all together in the office and we do a lot of work onsite and whilst travelling, so it was another win for us. We’ve never had the option to work remotely before.
Light & Sound Solution using Current on the move | Current RMS Customer Spotlight
Light & Sound Solution team on the job | Current RMS Customer Spotlight

The perks of working in the cloud have definitely reached their customers too. The team have found the software invaluable when working directly with their clients, especially during the quotation stage, when fast responses and increased collaboration is key. They’ve found that Current has fit right in with their natural workflow, enjoying the ability to speedily adjust quotations with no down time.

With most of our events we have a fair amount of client meetings beforehand. Being able to use Current on site and actually in the meetings allows us, and the client too, to make changes to the job together.

It’s been an essential part of keeping all lines of communication open between team members and clients alike. When events are being planned, team members can log in to Current remotely and talk about jobs through the Discussions feature. This also means that clients aren’t left waiting for responses to their questions, nor do they have to wait around for the team to get back to the office before they receive their rental documents.

We can just pull out our phones and log in to Current to make a quick change and send off an updated quote.

Things are looking fantastic for the team at Light and Sound Solutions, who have been investing heavily in video systems over the past year, working on a number of exciting television broadcasts and live productions. They also helped create a whole new exhibition space for Cisco using 234 LEDTechnik PixelDrop balls at the Melbourne Cisco Live Event, in March. With full RGB LED control, plus up/down control of a 3m drop winch, Mark assures us the PixelDrop fixture was the talk of the town!

Light & Sound Solution displaying their lights at a show | Current RMS Customer Spotlight
Light & Sound Solution setting up in a warehouse | Current RMS Customer Spotlight

And for an Australian company that place such an emphasis on the importance of communication, how has the Current RMS software support, been for Mark and the team?

The best! The help and training is fantastic. No question is too hard or too stupid for the team - they always respond straight away with a solution!

A huge thank you to Mark and the team at Light & Sound Solutions for taking part in this blog - it’s been great to check in with you and to hear how beneficial managing your rental business from the cloud can be! We’re really looking forward to continue working with you in the future. 😊

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