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  • 05 Sep 2018

Customer Spotlight
Schupepe Tents

One thing you can count on is that in the rental industry, there’s always something exciting going on around the world.

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Current RMS goes global - Schupepe Tents

F rom incredible, awe-inspiring events packed with the latest technology, to beautiful, handcrafted occasions designed to be remembered forever, we know that for those of you that work in the AV and Lighting, Events and Broadcast industries, no two jobs are the same. We’ve spent some time catching up with our customers from Australia and New Zealand to see how Current RMS helps manage the rental processes of companies in a range of different industries.

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This week, we caught up with the brilliant team at Schupepe Tents, based in Auckland, New Zealand, with a sister company located in the tourist hotspot of Queenstown, on the South Island.

The company started almost a decade ago, with Schupepe Tents being the venture of two former professional Rugby aspirants turned business-owners, Pat and Va. The pair were inspired by the UK Events industry and the Bedouin tribes of North Africa, spotting that modern stretch tents are perfect for both the scorching summers and wet winters - and ideal for the ever changing New Zealand climate. Together, they started providing stretch tent solutions to a whole range of events across the country and from here, the company started to blossom.

Just like the team are able to provide stunning stretch tents with the flexibility to accommodate almost any event, they likewise needed a flexible and reactive rental management solution they could mould to their business.

Things change - as is their natural flow. We were using a server-based management system that just couldn’t keep up. We needed software that would continue to grow with the growth of our business, something that was flexible and easily accessible. Current being online made this all possible.
Jarrod and Lu Sellar, Schupepe Tents.
A beautiful stretch tent provided by Schupepe Tents in the heart of New Zealand
Stretch tents are perfectly flexible for urban locations

As a decisive and already well-established business in the events scene, the team at Schupepe Tents had a clear-cut list of priorities they needed their rental management software to meet. For the team, it wasn’t a matter of if they would upgrade to a streamlined and modern solution, but simply when.

We wanted a system that was cloud-based, that had availability functionality and could be flexible with the makeup of stock, particularly with accessories and components. We also wanted a system that had a strong price and costing structure, and lastly something that could integrate, and integrate well, with our accounting software Xero. Current’s software met all of those expectations and more.

In an industry as fast-paced as events, it’s important to have your business data up to speed at all times. By accessing the details of jobs while things are in the midst of change, you’re able to make important decisions at a granular level, from wherever you are, right when you need to. You reduce the need of ringing into the office to find out where your kit is being used, when, and by whom, and instead can make informed decisions on the spot.

Because of how unpredictable the Events Industry can be, we need to be able to reflect these changes at a moment’s notice. Status reports and updates are crucial to planning and execution, and being able to keep everything up to date without hassle is a major plus for us. Current’s info feed is immediate, which means our decision-making can be immediate.
A stretch tent providing the perfect ambient setting for an event
A modern stretch tent built by Schupepe Tents

Of course, the customer facing brand you present to your clients is just as important as the work that goes on behind the scenes. It’s essential that your rental management system reflects your company branding, and that all customer communications are as streamlined and simple as possible. The team have utilised Current’s document modification service to ensure their rental documents are the way they need them. Likewise, it’s essential that your rental management system is something the whole team can get behind - whether that’s the team in the office creating quotations, in the warehouse scanning out kit, or setting up on jobs at different locations.

Our documentation looks better than ever, which we have customised to have our look - our logo, our colours, our information. The user interface is also clean and modern, which makes it easy to navigate - and even easier to train.

For the team, when onboarding with Current RMS it was essential to keep downtime to a minimum, to ensure Schupepe Tents were able to keep delivering their signature service to events across New Zealand. They were able to lean on the free and unlimited support Current RMS provides, plus our catalogue of handy guides and YouTube videos, despite being based the other side of the world.

We are testament to Current being used by businesses all over the world. The online guides are terrific and have helped as how-to’s on more than one occasion. Booking a video call is the perfect option for remote training and the screen sharing capability is extremely effective. You can follow exactly what is happening, with each action taken, without having to try and interpret it all from reading.
Schupepe Tents also provide semi-permanent event structures
Stunning semi-permanent event structure solutions

As the team at Schupepe Events have expanded, the team have a number of long-term structures on the go, allowing their business to flourish in all seasons, not just the warmer ones. Current’s managed to keep up with their pace and for the team, there are big plans in the pipeline.

We’ve been expanding into the semi-permanent, long-term structures that truss can provide - with setups going on 6 months at a time! We have 4 of these long-term hires installed around Auckland City, with many more lined up the future - great news for our rigger teams!

A huge thank you to the team at Schupepe Tents for collaborating on this blog. We’re really looking forward to seeing how you continue to grow your business, and to see more of the beautiful events you supply to across the country. It’s amazing having such innovative and exciting companies using Current RMS - we love being behind the scenes in helping you all create incredible events.

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