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  • 27 Sep 2018

Customer Spotlight
The Vision House

Working from the cloud has benefits for any industry that’s always on the go - when you need to access your rental data remotely, the cloud is the only solution that cuts it.

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Current RMS goes global - The Vision House

W ith a growing user base of customers around the world using Current RMS to manage their rental business, we spent some time catching up with our users in Australia and New Zealand, involved in an array of industries and each using our cloud based software uniquely. From those involved in the events, party, AV and lighting scenes, to those rental businesses hiring the latest technology in the broadcast industry, each are benefitting from managing their jobs and kit in the cloud.

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We caught up with Victoria-based The Vision House to hear how Current RMS has helped the team keep their inventory management up to date…

The team at Melbourne’s The Vision House have been using Current RMS for almost three years. Starting life as Original Cine back in 1986, the company initially found themselves expanding with more and more rental equipment to service the local film and television market. From here, The Vision House evolved into a boutique rental house, with a rental fleet expanding every year and an increased need to accurately track their all-important and valuable kit.

The method they’ve used to handle their jobs and gear of their rental business has also developed with the times - from using a manual diary and custom Excel documents, to one integrated system, Current RMS. The Vision House are seriously seeing the benefits of managing their rentals in the cloud, the main benefit of always having a clear grasp of exactly where their kit is.

For me, the best feature is the core of Current - the ability to quickly look up if equipment is booked or not. Moving from a manual reservation system has freed me from the stress of promising a client one thing, only to find out it’s not around, due to a page not being turned in the diary.
James MacGregor, Manager at The Vision House.
A range of equipment for the broadcast and production industries are available to rent, perfect for any type of filming.
The Vision House keeping their rental management inventory up to date with the latest ARRI camera equipment.

With a system that’s able to alert you of inventory shortages as you build your quotes, provide you with accurate, up to the second product availability and ensure you’re keeping tabs on your outstanding returns, confidently managing all of your stock turns from a stress to simplicity.

Having an eye on exactly where kit is at any one point has proven especially important when sending personalized quotations to The Vision House’s clients. With the correct product availability right at the team’s fingertips thanks to the cloud, this greatly reduces any hold ups during the quotation stage and ensures The Vision House are always able to deliver the service they promise. It also means the team can keep their rental inventory up to date for clients to view on their website.

We offer after hours calls and email enquiries, so having the ability to log into Current remotely has proven a great help. I’m able to produce a quote within minutes and send it off knowing that I haven’t caused any delays to my overseas client, which is crucial to securing contracts.

To support their hire business, The Vision House keep their website up to date with their camera and broadcast equipment.

As the company has developed, it’s also proved very easy for the team to update their expanding inventory within Current RMS. Stock levels can be adjusted and new products can be simply added to the system, either in bulk using a quick CSV file import, or by manually adding items into the system one at a time. It doesn’t take long for the team to ensure the data in Current matches exactly what is in the warehouse.

While it took us a little while to double check our inventory, getting set up was very straight forward. The ability to easily update our inventory as we have been growing over the past couple of years has been seamless!
The Vision House are one of a few rental houses in Australia to have the Cooke Optics 5i lens kit, including the 135mm 5i T1.4

Just as their inventory has grown, so has the team. Like with any software, there’s undoubtedly going to be a learning curve involved when understanding a brand new system, especially when you’re new to the job. How has the growing team at The Vision House found onboarding new starters?

I’m easily able to train new staff members on how to use Current, with them using the system within a day or so. It’s so easy to understand, that lots of our staff have noticed tricks and tips in the system and we’re able to modify training on the fly without it causing any issue in the system.

Of course, when your company is expanding it’s important that everything you do reflects your brand, and that you know there’s a support team to lean on. That’s why we offer a document modification service, as well as unlimited support for all users.

The team at the Vision House sample a number of new camera technologies before releasing them for rental for the broadcast and production industries
Of late we have started to evolve a number of our templates and communication with Current HQ has been fantastic. Within 24 hours or less we have answers to any questions and further follow ups are done very, very quickly.

A massive thank you to James at The Vision House for sharing with us just how Current has benefitted their business - it’s been awesome to catch up with you. We can’t wait to see your business flourish in the future!

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Hearing how our software is helping streamline rental businesses straight from the cloud and across different industries is always incredible.

Thank you to Mark at Light & Sound Solutions and the team at Schupepe Tents, as well as James at The Vision House, for taking part in this blog series - you can read how they use Current in their AV and Events rental businesses in Australia and New Zealand by clicking on the icons below.

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