GDPR Data Handling Updates

We’ve added new updates to Current RMS to help users comply with new General Data Protection Regulations.

GDPR Data Handling in Current RMS

The EU laws that came into effect on May 25th give companies more accountability for sensitive and personal user data they’re holding, so it’s really important to be storing and monitoring it effectively. In order to help our users better handle sensitive data and stay compliant, we’ve added a handful of new updates to Current RMS.

Manage Your Sensitive Data

A huge part of the new GDPR is ensuring companies have got a record of the reasons they’re handing an individual’s data, and is a key area of compliance. Now, when you create or edit a contact in People & Organizations, you can store the legal basis for processing their data against their profile. We’ve added a brand new dropdown field, “Legal Basis for Processing Data”.

Deleting Sensitive User Data

Got a user or client that doesn’t need to be in the system anymore? Users can now delete organizations, contacts and users in their Current RMS system that they don’t want to hold on to, even if they’ve been an active participant of any jobs or conversations. When you delete them, areas in the system in which they’d normally appear now show as ‘Deleted’, with the information they’ve contributed to Current, like conversations and jobs they’ve created, staying intact. This keeps their identity completely anonymous and complies with their right to be forgotten.

Keep Track of All System Activity

View Recent Active Sessions

We’ve made it easier for Current users to know exactly who’s been logging into their rental business and from where, with IP information now held against user sessions. View this data from the past 30 days in a new Recent Active Sessions option and it will show where this user has logged in from and when. This would be especially important when investigating data breaches or spotting any activity you’re unsure of.

Export a Full Action Log

In order to keep track of exactly which information has been edited, viewed and by whom, users can now view and export a full log of recent activity in their systems. Find it in System Setup > Action Logs. This makes it easier to drill down into the details and spot any activity that’s awry.

Export System Data

It’s also possible to grab a full export of everything in the system - from Discussions to Contact and Organization information, and any data about the products in the system. This makes it really convenient to pull important data straight from Current, especially if a client or customer is requesting it.

Add Extra Security When Logging In

We’ve added a number of security enhancements when logging in to Current RMS in recent months. These include security updates such as Two Factor Authentication and Single Sign On. When Two Factor Authentication is enabled, Current RMS users enter a unique code from their smartphone along with their login credentials to gain access to the system, verifying it’s really them. With Single Sign On, users log into their Current RMS system using their Google or Microsoft credentials, keeping their account linked to one central account of their choice and taking advantage of their advanced security policies.

Want to learn more about Current RMS and GDPR? We’ve got a handy guide here!

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