Lock and Select Item Groups in the Detail View

Users can now lock item groups and select individual items or groups in the detail view.

Lock Groups in the Detail View

Lock Groups in the Detail View

We’ve improved areas of the detail view from the ground up, giving users far more flexibility in their system with exciting new updates, including the ability to lock opportunity groups.

A padlock icon is now visible next to each group in the detail view, giving users the option to lock a group, whether that’s a product group, a room, or a stage. Now when items are scanned to allocate, prep, book out and check back in, the scans will only apply to assets in that group - especially handy if the same assets are used across multiple groups.

Lock one of the groups

Users can even free scan into a locked group, and sort the detail view by container, status, or product group and lock those too.

Easily Select Groups and Items

Groups in the detail view now have tick boxes next to them allowing users to select items on a group-by-group basis, this also includes items with accessories and containers with components.

Lock one of the groups


  • Collapse all groups on the order using the small minus icon at the top of the list.

  • Part-checked in items now appear in purple, so they’re easily distinguishable.

  • Set the rate definition, tax class and revenue group when creating text items.

  • Prepare rental and sale assets on a provisional quotation.

  • When writing off a serialized container, users can also write off all of its components.

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